Author: Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith is a Web & App Developer and the current Practice Head at TechnoScore- a leading WordPress website development company India. He constantly brings updated information on the latest tech trends. His passion for transforming technologies encourages him to inform and educate people through his write-ups.

After the release of WordPress 5.9 in January 2022, WordPress recently launched its latest version, 6.0 “Arturo,” in May 2022. Currently, there are over 12.2 million websites across the globe making use of this latest version of WordPress. Arturo comes with many vigorous improvements featuring more than 600 updates and 600 bug fixes. With an increased focus on block site editor, the 6.0 version comes with necessary updates to support customization much better than its previous versions. In this post, we have discussed all the new features of Arturo 6.0 to help you make efficient use of them for your…

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